Tuesday, November 4, 2008

From Nadine to Jeff

Jeff-- It was funny, because I got 2 more shipments of coffee, I presume, from "Seattle Coffee Direct" since I sent you my mean e-mail......it said on the outside of the pkg. (I had just kept returning them, marked, "return to sender," and that I had already canceled, etc. (ok, too much information) to CALL them, so.....finally I CALLED the number on the pkg., loaded for bear, and the guy was real calm, as was I, (REALLY!!) and he simply said, "OK, as soon as we get the product back, we'll start refunding your money." Boom. Easy. The old-fashioned way: call on the phone, and talk to a warm body, instead of on the Net......so your counterpart(?) maybe isn't so bad after all.......I'll let you know if they don't refund my money!! Nadine

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