Thursday, November 6, 2008

From Nadine to Jeff

Jeff---sorry, but I think this guy is way too cerebral for me, and I do not believe that secular humanism is the way to go, which is what he espouses!! He has such a Pollyanna world view that it's somewhere my mind or heart isn't going to bother to go......unfortunately we DO live in a world where there are bad people....they aren't all little monks sitting around with their arms folded and smiles on their faces, or buddha's, as he keeps referring to. We have to defend ourselves in the world of bad people "who don't like us very much!!" If Obama thinks he can sit down and have tea with Ahmadinijab and work out our differences, and essentially this is what he thinks he can do, that is VERY frightening to me, and to many others in this country today!! I am not the only one who is thinking that way---listen to the shows tomorrow, or when you can. Jeff, I'm worried that Obama thinks that he can bring home our troops, ASAP, just when we have FINALLY begun to see real progress there; our troops are pulling out of Falujiah, which was an incredibly hot spot for a long time. What a waste of lives. If we pull out very soon, all those lives, all that money, all those resources will have been wasted. And the terrorists will move right back in there and make those Iraqi's lives more hellish than they were before.
And I do care about human lives: the unborn and very old people--somewhere last night assisted suicide was voted in. When those things begin to occur, and they will with great rapidity if Barack Obama has his way. This is what I believe with every fiber of my being, and that frightens me also.
And the socialist/ Marxist/ communist associates he has hung out with, and those principles that he espouses scare me.
Increased taxes......
All of these things frighten me.
And I can't shake that fear today.
I hope I am not a pain in the neck now to you, are a busy man, and I have really started to take up a lot of your time with all these discussions.............I have appreciated it, though, and I'm glad that you say you have too!! These are just some of the issues that worry me, and many others.....I hope and pray that I am wrong and that Barack Obama moves a little more to the middle, but already today he has appointed one man as his chief of staff that everyone is saying is VERY far to the left, so we may be off and running....with President elect Obama living up to what we expected from him!! Now, I do not deny that this was a wonderful and historic moment for our country, and THAT IS awesome, and I know that this means SO much to every one of color in this nation....his color has not been the issue for me; his leanings, his past or present friends IS an issue for me!!! And where he plans to take this nation IS an issue for me!! God Bless, Jeff!!! You don't have to respond to this: go relax and enjoy your evening and your family!!!

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