Tuesday, November 4, 2008

From Nadine to Jeff

Jeff---please check this out, and share with your friends..........you are one of those EXTREMELY important voters that we desperately need to vote for John McCain.......this is very important information....read the part about how Obama is taking care of his own family!!!!! Yikes!!! Jeff, I'm not a nut!! I'm just passionate about not letting Barack Obama anywhere near the White House!! I have not a thing against the color of his skin; it's the color of his heart that scares me!!! Talk to 'ya soon!! (Show this to your friends if they are still undecided as well!! Thanks!!) Nadine

From: Glenn Beck
To: x@metc.net
Sent: Friday, October 31, 2008 2:17 PM
Subject: Idiot Obama supporter (video)

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October 31, 2008

On Today's Program

Insider Exclusive: Election Night Coverage

On Tuesday night, while other hosts will be covering the election on major TV networks, or on the radio, Glenn will be . . . online. That's right our election coverage doesn't require a pesky television set, all you need is an internet connection.

Don't miss Glenn's live election night coverage, exclusively for glennbeck.com Insiders. Not an Insider? Sign up now.

Unbelievable Video

This video clip pretty much sums up everything Glenn has been saying for the past months in just a few seconds. An excited woman is interviewed after an Obama rally and says she will vote for Obama because 'I won't have to worry about putting gas in my car and I won't have to worry about paying my mortgage'. (Watch the woman get caught hook, line and sinker here.)

He's going to pay for your mortgage? Not likely---he won't even pay for his Uncle's mortgage (evicted) or his Aunt (living in a Boston slum) or his half brother (who makes $1 per month and lives in Kenya in a hut). Read the transcript. Insiders listen here.

Arguments Against Idiots

Election Recap: Today's argument is for the idiot who gives you the Sally Muckenfuch sob story -- the person with the sad story that you'd hear about even if America had a 100% employment rate. Time is running out to win the idiots over---so get the winning arguments here and get busy winning over the idiots!

Insider Bonus: As an exclusive bonus for Insiders we've compiled all of the Arguments Against the Idiots leading up to this election into one downloadable pdf. This e-book has 50 of the great Arguments Against the Idiots and is formatted for printing so you can easily share it with your idiot friend. Get your copy now -- for Insiders only.

Tell Tale Heart

One of the most amazing audio production pieces you will ever hear is Glenn's telling of 'A Tell Tale Heart'. Get this audio clip today---then tonight, gather the family around the candlelight and crank it up. Fantastic stuff that will not disappoint---Glenn played it on the air today. If you missed it, Insiders can listen here.

Nelson Demille

Probably one of the greatest American writers of our time is Nelson DeMille---he has a new book that is out in bookstores now, The Gate House . It's a sequel, and Nelson explains to Glenn why he's not a huge fan of doing sequels -- but decided to do this one anyway. Read the transcript. Insiders listen here to the interview.

Stu Show

Today was an all new edition of the Stu Show, an online broadcast following the Friday radio program for Insiders only. If you missed it, check out the latest in the Stu Show archives.

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