Saturday, November 8, 2008

From Nadine to Jeff

Oh, but "world without end" sound somewhat right!!! Very soon, Jesus will return, meeting His Church(Bride) in the air to take them to Heaven, (Rapture) while there are 7 yrs. of horrible tribulation on earth, and then He and all of Heaven will come back to this earth, as Jesus sets His feet down in Jerusalem to rule on this earth for 1000 yrs. and then we'll go back to Heaven............
Where does the "world without end" come from in that mass? Not being Catholic, you'll have to help me with that.....This is so interesting!!!!
Do you just get lots and lots of rain up there? I have heard that, but then others talk about how beautiful the weather is in the Pacific Northwest? I can certainly understand what you mean about now being able to mow that!!! Yuk!!!
Ok; off to bed......I'll read the rest tomorrow....Enjoy the wedding this week-end!!! Nadine

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