Tuesday, November 4, 2008

From Australian Mark to Jeff and SF Mark

We keep getting told down here that it is all over and Obama is in. But of course last year all Cal had to do was beat Oregon St and it would have been number one, so President Berra’s words give us cause for trepidation. I am thinking of you all in these nervous last couple of days of the campaign (almost worth it just to hear the old chestnut “battleground states” trotted out in news bulletins in their 4 year cycle again).

Jeff, you deserved that “McCain man” as a comeback to your “it’s a completely understandable mistake”. This would never have happened during the baseball season because viewing requirements would have meant that you wouldn’t have had as much time on your hands to interact with confused women from Fargo.

Prop 8 – the bit that still baffles me about humanity is that more people don’t let more other people just live their lives when it won’t affect them at all.

Great news on the SIs. They may arrive just in time to be taken on my night away in the Yarra Valley with R. for her birthday this Friday. We did discuss taking books but maybe I will have to reposition as “reading material”.

Just coming down from the euphoria of yet another successful/anarchic home-hosted kids party. The rest of the year looks pretty relaxed after that.

And yes Jeff, keep us in the loop-de-loop.


PS Go Bears

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