Thursday, November 6, 2008

From Nadine to Jeff

Jeff: I started answering your secular humanism questions before I even read the rest, so this is about that, and then I will continue: (this is about that: Ok, but from a Christian standpoint, please try to ask yourself, who wrote these definitions, and how did they arrive at them? I'll let that sink in.
My definition is to do "whatever seems right in your own eyes." Judges 17:6; Judges 21:25, and Proverbs 21:2 all speak of that; and if I could find it, it is also prophesied "in the last days", which we are in, that is also what men will do: we are most certainly in the last days, and that is proven, that those who are secular humanists believe that everyone should do "what is right in his own eyes." Can you see that in the morals of our country, etc., that people are doing that more and more.......the "if it feels good, or right, do it..." (my quote.) That is what I believe is secular humanism, not this admirable search for truth.....truth, in my opinion, is not what they are searching for at all, Jeff......
NOW, WOW, what a lot of things to talk about....are you sure you have time for conversations with me?
Why does Ahmadinejad (did I spell that wrong before, when I just "sounded it out?".....that's old "phonics" speak!!) get to do all the talking if he hasn't got all the power? And even the nominees in debates only mentioned him as the one with the, I did NOT know that, but why would they let him speak all the time if the real powers-that-be behind him didn't have the same philosophy? And why are we and a lot of the rest of the world, esp. Israel, so intent on how fast they are building, accumulating, preparing, and whatever else is the right scientific verbage, a nuclear bomb for the two "satans", i.e., us and Israel? I'm not convinced that he doesn't have some power there, since he is the one that Obama wants to sit down with?

Ok, Eric: we are NOT in favor of gay marriage: we DO believe what the Bible says about men with men and women with women (if you want those scriptures, I'll be glad to supply them..:-)...), but we DO LOVE Eric, ( and he knows that) and ANY gay person; it is the misunderstood belief that churches HATE gay people, and there are certainly churches and "church people" who do; but we do NOT. We LOVE the people, but do NOT love the sin, because we are ALL sinners, and except for Jesus, we would ALL be in trouble. And that is true with ANY people........this is why we love going to our church, and other churches that we KNOW of like ours; we WANT to let people know that, whether this is the sin they are in or something else. And there is plenty of other sin going on; but this one is a biggy because there is such a focus on it, and because it is SO condemned in the Bible. Jeff, if it weren't for Jesus' love, forgiveness, and getting rid of my guilt, I would be the FIRST in line to be in BIG trouble with Him!!! After Tanya's death, in 1990, I had JUST begun, 2 wks. before her death, a very well-paying job, for us, @ about $1000 a week take-home pay, but it was VERY stressful,( because I had to be away from home M-F).....believe me, that was a biggie for our family, as we had been on food stamps, etc., I made some HUGE sinful errors in my life; I became a 24/7 Black Velvet/diet Coke drinker....I drank 4 1/2 of the big plastic bottles a week, WHILE I was on the road 1000 miles a week, yes, that is driving(!!..lots of angels kept the other people on the road and me, safe....I have stories)......also, some promiscuity there, as my wonderful, forgiving husband well knows, so, I am not preaching about "gays" as if they are big sinners and I have been squeaky clean!!! Ha, Ha, Ha.......NOT!! No, I am forgiven, and loved by my Jesus, and even delivered from the guilt of what I was into.......and He gives me such peace and joy in my life, in spite of my great concern about this president-elect. So, ALL of that said, I can't condemn Eric, gays, or anyone else, but I do back my beliefs in this being sin by the Bible........(Oh, AND, God miraculously delivered me from the alcoholism, and the desire to be promiscuous, and believe me, both had a huge, huge hold on me!!
Now, you also mentioned the wonder of Barack Obama being elected: Scott Rasmussen of the Rasmussen Pollsters (can't think of his co. or title)....they just reported that 51% of voters believe that the media was unbalanced in their positive reporting of him, and 7% thought the media was fair and positive to John McCain....interesting....but I am glad for the advancement of those dear people who have slavery in their ancestry, and great, great unkindness, meanness, discrimination, etc. in their lives....I can't imagine how tough their lives have been....TERRIBLE, and so it certainly is a wonderful, historic event for them, 40 yrs. after MLK, Jr.'s "I have a dream speech!!" Wonderful, wonderful.........but, as I said to you, whether you believed me or not, that I do NOT have ANYTHING against a black president, I just don't want THIS man to be our president. But, we have him, so now I have to pray for him, and pray that he will not affect everyone's lives adversely!!!
How does your son like his aikido classses, believe it or not, I did know what that was.....I think it is a WONDERFUL thing for kids to go to those types of classes; I have a great nephew in VA that is very small for his age, has a severe hearing loss and a learning problem (he was born "just-dead", and they revived him, but obviously must have had some oxygen deprivation)...they have a karate' class in their small town, and the teacher is in a wheelchair!! So he has really been able to build a little self-confidence as well as the ability to defend his little body against bullies or worse....he is 10 but very small for his I think those programs are GREAT...not sure what we have available here in our little bitty town, but I know Carroll, IA, 32 miles from us has classes of this type in the Rec Center.
Oh, MY, I can't believe the time and words I have "wasted?" here!!! I REALLY didn't mean to do that to you. I agree that we need to not be finger-pointing or name calling.....not good. But I was really letting my hair down and being honest with you, I guess. I am not a mean-spirited person, but it sure sounded like it in my whining about Obama's election!! I'm sorry!!!
Better let you go, and better do some "work!"
Your Iowa Buddy, Nadine

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