Thursday, November 6, 2008

From Jeff to Nadine

Hi Nadine,
I want to take the time to respond properly to your emails; however, I've got to get my older boy ready for school and then do stuff I put off yesterday. In short, I wanted to say, you needn't worry so much. Obama is a good man committed to helping the less fortunate in America, and what's more, he's organized a motivated, energized, positive force - the more than 3 million financial contributors to his campaign are not going to simply go away. More and more people are excited about getting involved in government and I believe that will translate into better lives for all.
Digging into specific issues like abortion and taxes and the separation of powers which you've discussed and which I really want to respond to in detail will have to wait until this afternoon. Know, though, that I'm thinking about you and your situation.


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