Saturday, November 8, 2008

From Jeff to Sue, Cynthia

I'm very reluctant to push this out too widely, at least until I broach the subject with her.
I'm feeling more and more guilty, as well as sorry for her.
I know there's almost no way she would ever discover the blog on her own, so my revealing it to her will have to be done carefully. Ideally, I'd have some sort of way to make money off of it, and split proceeds 50/50, then she'd see the benefit of revealing such personal information, information that might lead to her and her beliefs being held up to scrutiny and/or ridicule.

I have no problem telling people on an individual basis or even more broadly. I'm just concerned about her feelings if and when I choose to reveal the whole charade to her. As you can tell I'm ambivalent about the situation.

In short, I dunno what to do except keep on posting, try to pitch it as a teevee show when in LA and then see if I can make any money off it for her.


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