Tuesday, November 4, 2008

From Nadine to Jeff

Jeff----I'm sorry if I also have come across as a zealot and a bother, which I may seem to be. I just have such a passionate fear of Obama....he has changed his monetary figure for the higher taxes cut-off from $250Grand to $200 grand, to 150 Grand today.....he is inconsistent in his thinking and in his "proclamations."
Tonight they explained about why McCain gave that $400,000 to that group that Khalidi was with: they were doing polling on the West Bank, and he truly had no idea that this type of person was with them.....
Just look at his record, Jeff--look at his long years of CONSISTENT service to his country: why would John McCain do ANYTHING that would harm our country? Obama has SOOOO many shady associations in his past that we do NOT have any DISassociation with that is clear. And to move into taking away the money that a hard working small businessman has made to give 500 to 1000 bucks to someone who isn't working at all???? Is THAT what we want to see happen in our country? That is pure unadulterated socialism..........it WILL come back to bite you in the wallet, that is for sure. Then it will be too late. You go into that voting booth and just vote with your gut. Take my advice, or your dad's .....I'm 57, so I'll bet I'm about your parents' age(?).....I will NOT steer you wrong either!! Then let your heart tell you what to do. And I will believe that you will do the right thing!! Go for it!! Nadine
(By the way, our oldest child, our daughter, at 19, had moved to Orange County (San Juan Capistrano) to be a nanny and be near her boyfriend, who was on the U.S.S. Missouri. When he was to ship out to go to the Gulf, (1990), they secretly got married on Sun...she was driving back and forth every night to see him, and on Thurs. night, she was going back to SanJuan and fell asleep on the Irvine Freeway, and was killed. So as I talk to you, and read "Orange County", it's hard for me to not tell you that story. We have ties to your area, I guess you could say!)
God Bless!! Nadine (And I promise not to call you!! LOL!!)

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