Tuesday, November 4, 2008

From Nadine to Jeff

Jeff-----for one thing I have already voted; because of back and knee pain, and fibromyalgia, I can't stand in a line without incurring a lot more pain, but I couldn't change my vote for anything. I'm sorry, but I feel at least as strongly against the arguments that you have, so it's probably a time-consumer to keep lobbing arguments for one candidate or the other.
This morning, a lady at church, who has 5 children, had an editorial that she had written to the Denison,IA paper/ (Oh, by the way, Chuck Manatt is a very well-known man in this area, and has, of course, the democratic party ties that you mentioned....but that is a coincident!!) Kate, at church, had written a two-page editorial; she is a CPA, so had broken down the Obama vs. McCain tax plans, if you are interested, but more so, I will just give you this personal tidbit that she had: " For starters, let me tell you about one thing that Barack Hussein Obama has LIED to the entire town of Denison. I had the privilege to ask him a question last spring when he was at Denison High School. Barack believes that everyone should be able to practice whatever religion they believe in, as I do. So, I asked him, "What do you think about the military chaplain that was dishonorably discharged from the military, simply for praying in the Name of Jesus?" He said that he hadn't heard about that situation and would have to get back to me on it. Well, he lied!!! I received a phone call from Gordon Klingenschmitt, the military chaplain that was dishonorably discharged, within the following week after that event. He had read the article from the Denison Bulletin on-line from New York and called me personally. He said that he had called Obama's office on several occasions and faxed his office over and over, requesting his help (and he sent me the documentation proof.) Obama or his office refused to help him. Now, either Obama doesn't KNOW what is going on in his own office or he flat lied to the Denison people. Another situation taking place right now in Virginia--6 state police chaplains were forced to resign by Virginia Governor Tim Kaine's administration because they prayed publicly "In Jesus' Name)....It seems to me that the Christians are under attack, which was another question Obama, specifically, "Do you think that Christians are under attack?" He said they were not because he was a member of a Christian church and had been for the past 20 yrs. A church whose minister says God and another 4-letter word over and over from the pulpit and referring to our country with those words doesn't sound like a Christian to me!! As the saying goes, "Sitting in a garage doesn't make you a car!!"
And as a Catholic, I would think that the abortion issue would stir something in you regarding the sanctity of life.......Obama does not want any funding to help babies live who survive abortions even, let alone being against abortion, at any stage! Anyone who has no respect for human life at the beginning isn't going to have any for the end stage of life either for an old, old person, (life my 95 1/2 yr.old mother) who doesn't contribute to society in any way anymore....(not my opinion.) How is that different that Nazi Germany?
On Aug.1, Congress adjourned for 5 wks., w/out passing legislation to allow domestic exploration for oil to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and lower gas and all energy prices. Steve King, Congressman from IA brought a large number of people to talk on the energy crisis together, But none of them were allowed to be seen on C-Span....Nancy Pelosi shut it off and turned off the lights and would not allow the issue to be brought to the floor.
It has been good to visit with you, however coincidentally, and I hope you will still consider and pray about your decision.....I have enjoyed getting to know you, Jeff--I'm sorry that we have to disagree!!
We'll see how it goes on Tuesday!!! Sincerely, Nadine

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