Tuesday, November 4, 2008

From Nadine to Jeff

Hey,Jeff!! The speech I spoke of was on Hannity and Colmes on FOX last
night. As I said, Obama spoke in SanFrancisco in Jan., this yr. It is
interesting/ check and see if it's not on their website.
I'm tired. This is very wearing. I just want to pray now that God's will
will be done, and that He will speak to folks who've not yet voted, and
guide them to the nominee that HE wants. The Truth will set us Free, Thank
God!! So that's what I am doing today and will continue to do, is to pray
that folks will be able to know in their heart what God wants them to do,
the way He wants them to vote, because we always know that HE wants only the
best for us, no matter who wins the election. I am sure enjoying our
friendship, Jeff, and hearing the differing ideas that you have. I do have
one question: when we first began our "accidental conversations", you were
completely undecided, and thought you might close your eyes in the voting
booth and point and click, or however your particular precinct is set up.
Now you sound so sure about Obama. I hope I didn't make you go the Obama
way. I would feel so badly if that were the case.

Hey, I'm curious: are you married, have kids? How old are you? I told you
I'm 57, home most of the time, but do help my 95 yr.old mom in the nursing
home with shopping, and of course, visit her--she's only 12 miles from us;
and my husband, Rich's, mom, is 1/3 mile down the road (we live on the farm
that she owns/ we own the 10 acres that we live on/we live in an old
farmhouse that needs about $70,000 to remodel, fix, etc./it's 104 yrs.old.
Our daughter, Tanya, was our eldest, and only daughter/she would have been
37 now; our son, Eric,34, works for .com in Manhattan,as one of
their WebDevelopers (also .com) and lives with a surgeon (male) as
a homosexual/quite different from what our beliefs and values are, but we do
not fight--we agree to disagree and still love each other very much---then
our youngest, Dan, age 30, and his wife, Keri, live 90mi.away, near Ames,IA--
they have 4 and 2 yr.old girls, and another little someone coming at the end
of March. For the last 21 mo. I have not been allowed to see my
granddaughters/my daughter-in-law got mad at me about something, and cut me
off from them. I have apologized, but she hasn't given in.
SO...our life is a bit hard, and I fight pain every day, as well as fatigue.
But, I am at peace in my heart, and try on a daily basis to do what I am
supposed to; I am, by nature, an encourager, so spend a lot of time e-
mailing with those who need encouragement, and send a lot of cards.
So...tell me about you, Jeff---if you want!!! An accidental,fun,
friendship!! God Bless!! Nadine

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