Monday, November 10, 2008

From Jeff to Cynthia, Sue

I don't know whether I should feel bad about this, it's just really fucking funny that I'm going to lay some cosmology bullshit on a cosmetologist. Big Bang and the Gaia principle, "Return of the Superbas" - all matter part of a universe in Carl Sagan billion upon billion year ebb and flow, capturing relativity and some ill-defined general unified theory in a way that a fundamentalist housewife might possibly comprehend...well, shit, the mere idea of it makes me grin, and yes, I'm on PBR #6, but what the hell, this is crazy, how could I address this sober?!?

"I don't know ALL that history that you have given me; I never went to college, but fell in love and got married a month before my 19th birthday!!! (Did get a license as a cosmetologist, which doesn't qualify me for great discussions like this, but....."

Beauty school dropout...

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