Tuesday, November 4, 2008

From Jeff to Nadine

Hi Nadine,
First I want to say how interesting it has been that we have randomly begun this email conversation, who would have thought an error by a coffee-shipping company could have resulted in us meeting like this. Regardless of our opinions, it has been very informative for me over the last few days so close to a pivotal election to hear from someone whose perspective is so different from my own.

However, I have a hard time taking these comments at face value. You do not site any references. And what you say runs contrary to Obama's stated policies:

It defies credulity to think any candidate would speak of fining an industry or an enterprise into bankruptcy, not just during an election but at any time. Obama does support clean coal, and he also supports alternative energy solutions that will power us into the future in a responsible, sustainable way. These are technologies being implemented by our competitors on the global stage right now and it would be unwise for us to neglect the opportunity to lead in this space. With investment and commitment, we can build an industry that creates energy and jobs here, while exporting energy-producing technology abroad, thereby freeing us from foreign oil and the indebtedness that incurs.

Responsible stewardship of the environment is good business. An open-minded approach to solving our energy crisis is vital. The world is changing, we can either lead or get left in the dust. Frankly, nothing I've heard from the Mccain camp leads me to believe he would do anything different from the Bush/Cheney energy policy which has been disastrous for everyone except the oil and gas companies (Exxon Mobil posts biggest quarterly profits ever: http://ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5iyqhbREqQWI0VE1kowfNjvxDlcJwD9453RQO0).

It's unfortunate that people refuse to believe what someone has said, written about, and had verified by third parties, while putting absolute faith in heresay and speculation. At a certain point all one can do is go to work and let the actions speak for themselves. It appears now, barring some radical shift in the polls, that Obama will win. The only way to disprove his naysayers is to work for the American people, provide them with good jobs, in a safe, democratic nation, and re-build a country that is divided and pointing in entirely the wrong direction.

Our economy is in a shambles, we're spening billions of dollars a month on wars which have by every measure proved ineffective, we have a crumbling infrastructure and a populace so firmly entrenched in their own camps it appears they'll never come together. Despite what John Edwards says, we are still one America, and I only hope, somehow, in the next few years, we can work to unify philosophically what we have geographically, one nation from sea to shining sea.

All the best, Nadine.

Take care.

Sincerely, your friend on the West Coast,

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