Tuesday, November 4, 2008

From Nadine to Jeff

Oh, but Jeff, haven't you seen any of Sean Hannity's pieces about all of the
associations that Obama has had with a terrorist in THIS country, who is
unrepentant(Bill Ayers)(he is friendly enough with him to have written a
sweet little book blurb for Ayer's book!!); that Rusco guy, a Chicago slum
lord, was in business together with Obama--he and another guy got Obama into
Harvard and co-paid his entire tuition; this new guy in L.A.that--has just
turned up that the L.A.Times won't release the tape from---Obama spoke at
that dinner for this P.L.O.sympathizer, which makes them very
friendly.....on ad on....WHY isn't the F.B.I. looking into all of this in
his background? We can't buy a gun without a background check, and this
scary dude is near to the White House?....And he WILL raise your taxes--he's
lying about that, because he has over a trillion bucks in new spending he
wants to do/that is GOING to take a lot of money!! Also, he is NOT
committed to any off-shore drilling of oil in this country, which will help
keep us dependent on the goof-balls in the Middle East; he has NEVER
promised he will be an ally to Israel, and altho I am not Jewish, I love the
Jewish people, and God has promised us in the Bible that the country who
turns their back on Israel and "God's chosen people", He will turn His back
on us!!!! Those are just a FEW of the things........he has changed his
amounts from $250,000, down to $200,000, and the other day it was $150,000
he will tax the heck out of!!! And I am VERY pro-life...I,as a Christian,
can PROVE in the Bible to you when life begins: at conception--"I knew you
when you were formed in your mother's womb!" God Says......
And as far as John McCain's HEALTH? Do you really think someone could keep
up the pace on the campaign trail like he has, and still keep going? He is
honest and has shown PROVEN loyalty to this country, enough that if he knew
his health was bad, he would NOT run for the Presidency!! He has shown
consistent honesty and integrity all of his life....not so with Obama.....he
knows NOTHING about the military, wants to bring our troops home even tho we
are finally WINNING in Iraq(they are pulling ALL of the American troops out
of Fallujiah, which used to be a REAL hot spot, and turning it over to the
Iraqi's........Obama wants to bring the troops home NOW while we are winning
and not quite finished!! He has NO experience, told General Petraus that he
would make up his own mind what to do, after Petraus told him the whole
situation over there: as good as thumbed his nose at a respected military
Icon, because he is so haughty that he thinks he knows it all!!!!! McCain
has the experience to deal with whatever comes to this country...Obama has
only served a short time in the Senate as a freshman senator. When Russia
attacked Georgia, Obama changed his mind three times about how we should
have handled that: his one choice was to just let Georgia suffer!! They ae
a HUGE ally of ours, and a stable democracy!! PLEASE, Jeff, think of these
things: if you watch the stuff that Sean Hannity on FOX is coming up with,
it scares us silly here!! Watch him on Hannity's America on Sat. night, and
then decide, and please consider what I have told you!!
Also, Have you checked out all the stuff that Sarah Palin has DONE in Alaska
as Governor? She is awesome, and she knows a LOT about foreign policy
because of the pipeline, and living in Russia's back yard. She has been
treated by CNN and N.Y.Times like a total airhead, and that she is NOT.
PLEASE think about it, and your vote DOES count!! Bush won by 500+ votes was
all!! Let me know what you decide!! Have a good week-end!! Nadine

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