Tuesday, November 4, 2008

From Nadine to Jeff

Jeff---one last political question: does it not frighten you a bit to think that our system of checks and balances in our wonderful country could be taken away if we get Obama for president? W/a Dem. Congress, and Obama has promised to elect Supreme Court judges who vote with their heart, and not with the law..........what protection will we have? Maybe you already voted, but this has been something I've been very concerned about.
I believe McCain is going to win today, and I do hope that with all of my heart, for numerous reasons, but the above paragraph reflects one of them!!
God Bless.......we have such a great country, don't we, that we can discuss things like this freely and w/out fear of reprisal, and we can still be friends when it's all said and done!!! Thank God for America!!! Have a great day!! Nadine

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