Thursday, November 6, 2008

From Nadine to Jeff

Jeff---it's good to hear from you....I congratulate you on the election of the candidate of your choice. I must admit, for me: I am deeply frightened tonight by what his ideology will bring to this country. I feel DEEPLY for the aborted babies in this country, at the rate of 1500 black babies alone PER DAY, and 51 million of all races in America since Roe V. Wade. Our new president promised early in his campaign that his first signature would be to bring partial birth abortion back to us, at any point in the pregnancy, and for any reason. He already knocked down funding in the Illinois legislature to help babies born alive and able to survive an abortion, and in fact, a particular article I read, a baby was born just that way, and was thrown in the garbage, alive, at full term.....a nurse picked up the baby and held it for 45 min. until it did die. That is what we have to look forward to.
He is in favor of the "Fairness Doctrine" that Nancy Pelosi has recently pushed very hard: with that, the Christian pastors that speak on TV every day that I enjoy and learn from, WILL be challenged if that is voted back in. These are just two concerns that I care deeply, deeply about, and for that, tonight, I grieve. He also promised that his Supreme Court Judge appointees that he would look for WOULD be ones that would consider what it would be like to be a poor African-American girl that became pregnant and didn't know what to do--obviously speaking of her obtaining an easy abortion. With all the empty arms of couples in this country hoping and praying for a baby, but either can't afford the cost of the adoption, or just aren't getting access to "one"....These are the issues I grieve for tonight!!!!
You may think of me as a silly Christian fanatic for these concerns, but I know more than one might think, even tho I am in a place that many in this country would poke fun of as being so far right it's laughable. I also fear for the terrorism attack now, for the very reason that Joe Biden's "gaffe" alluded to: that Barack Obama WILL be tested now because he has so little experience, certainly in military and foreign policy--I fear for thas as well tonight!! So. as I congratulate you for your wish come true, I fear for what we have ahead of us with this president. I may have said to you earlier, that I have NOTHING against Blacks or African-Americans, whatever the term I should use on this particular day, but I AM afraid, deeply afraid, of this one.
Jeff, thanks for letting me vent, because I wanted to to my sons, but Daniel won't speak to me because of his wife, and I can't say it to Eric, because he is extremely liberal, and because the man he lives with is also Black, or an African-American. So I feel a little lonely tonight as I am "unloading" on you.....I am with friends as well, of course, but my hubby went to bed a long time ago, 'cuz he gets up at 3:30 a.m. to go to I need to get my tears and my venting done before I go to bed, so I don't wake him up with either. Thanks again for your "ear" tonight!! You've become such an interesting friend in such a short time!!
I AM going to try to concentrate on the positive now, that history was made tonight, exactly 40 yrs.since Martin Luther King, Jr. made his speech:"I have a dream..." That is what I will try to think of now!! And I will think that in spite of those of us who feel let down, there are just as many, and a few more, of course, who are very, very happy tonight......and that is what America is all about!!!
God Bless!!! Nadine
I hope in the morning that I won't regret that I sent this!! I fear it will sound terribly dismal, but that is where my heart is tonight, and for some strange reason, I'm unloading it all on a wonderful person I have VERY accidentally become friends with!!! LOL!!

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