Tuesday, November 4, 2008

From Nadine to Jeff

Wow, Jeff!! I certainly agree that it is great to "engage" this way!! I feel as tho we didn't even meet accidentally anymore, but that it was meant to be. I do apologize (don't know if I even did that, which is very unlike me) for being a thorn in your side the day you got my e-mail. I had gotten involved with a supposed "survey"/ended upbeing promised a $500 Target card, if I would go thru this list of products and services, engage with X # of them, and then I would receive the big money card! Needing the money, it sounded great, and so I got myself into some unscrupulous companies, and have been trying to dig my way out ever since. I THINK I will get quite a bit of my (what I thought was going to be 30-40 bucks, was all: things like face creams, coffee per month, jewelry, acai berry pills for weight loss, etc. The only one I really seem to be stuck with is a company called "Overnight Genius" that has left a $78 charge on our credit card. They say I clicked the "terms of agreement" that I understood their terms and that I had not contacted them as I should have in the first X # of days, and now I'm stuck, even IF I returned the software. So, I blew it there.....I sometimes can't sleep and so was up late doing stuff on the web that I shouldn't have. Hence, I was a crab when I emailed "you!" (I have sleep apnea, besides the fibromyalgia, back,knee and hip pain, and was on a lot of pain meds at that time...since they diagnosed my sleep apnea, my REM sleep has BEGUN; I was getting NONE before! So, that has cause my pain tolerance to come up and the "big" pain pills, I've been able to reduce from six to TWO per day!! So I think I may be thinking more clearly???!!

Jeff, all I can say is that when Adam and Eve committed the first sin, it brought into our world, not just the evil of satan, but the EVIL of satan, if you know what I mean, and I'm sure you do. I have not been to parochial school as you have, but have sat in church and studied the Bible most of my life......with that evil came the destruction of life, the evil of starvation, of sickness, of all of the terrible things this world has going on. I am NOT trying to speak to you condescendingly: as I said, this is just what I have learned in study and from teaching, as you have from Catholic school and a religious family. But what I just said, about the bad things in the world, also goes along with the free will that God gave each of His children: He gave it to Adam and Eve, and they chose to disobey God, and that was the original sin (YOU KNOW all this, I know....just for purposes of discussion.....and for those reasons, hypocrisy is also a part of our world, and I think that just may be a part of what you are alluding to (MAYBE?) inwhy you have left your organized religion, (?? as so many people do...for that reason) ...I don't know that, of course--I'm trying perhaps to read between the lines. I just know that my brother and his son did the same thing; they have both died since, but that was how they both thought, that organized religion was not for them. I would have to agree if I looked at some churches!! Weare THRILLED with our church, and the "organization" that it is.......we ALWAYS see hypocrisy, both in and out of church. Maybe I had better shut up now, because I don't want to say the wrong thing, and to be presumptious here, Jeff........I just know that my brother and my nephew left the church because of that. And never returned. I wish they could have found a church or found their way to a way of looking at things that would have given them peace. But I know they are both in Heaven anyway; "stting in a church doesn't make you a Christian any more than sitting in your garage makes you a car!! "Jesus came give us the Way to Heaven, through Him. A church doesn't get you there, but I love being a part of one....we had to keep looking until we found what "fit" for us.
I look forward to hearing from you again, if you so choose....I'm enjoying "conversing" with you, and I only hope and pray that I've not been out of line or said ANYTHING to offend you. Jeff, I've really come to respect you and your views.......oh, one thing, tho: did you think about that Sarah Palin has been in an office as an administrator and as one who has had more decisions thrown at her that were singularly more important or influencial than Obama? Think of his votes as opposed to the decisions Governor Palin has made and the pushing that she has had to do to get where she is. I believe she has had at least as much to overcome to become Governor, if not more, for him to get where he is........just look at the way that this WOMAN has been attacked as compared to Obama as an African-African....it seems that no one DARES to say the wrong thing about a black man now, and they SHOULDN'T--they are equal in the sight of God and they should be equal in our eyes, but my goodness: NOTHING has been off limits against Sarah!! There was some pretty nasty stuff thrown at her and her husband on SNL!! We didn't keep watching it after the "exchange" of her in the red suit with Tina Fey...........but an article in the Des Moines Register alluded to that there was some nasty references to her husband "with" his daughters!!!!! What would happen if someone said something like that about Obama? That is very dirty.
Well, enough for now, at least.......you can quit if you wish, or keep corresponding. I am enjoying it, and hope I didn't say anything out of line!!! God Bless!! Nadine

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