Tuesday, November 4, 2008

From Nadine: my bank account

You sent me several shipments of coffee paraphanalia, after I had requested that you stop sending me your product (all coffee related). Instead you DID send me shipments, and I returned each of them unopened, marked "return to sender" and also marked on them that I had requested you stop your shipments...also written on each pkg. After receiving my monthly bank statement: charges from Seattle Direct!!!!!-----: Oct.1-$25.00; on Oct.6-$38.95; on Oct.14-$38.95; Oct.20-$38.95......................I will expect a check in the mail for the total of these charges, or you WILL be hearing from an attorney of mine. If you think this is the way to grow your company, by using someone's debit card, used once, then changed my mind, which I notified you about, then you have a real problem.....I do see there is a class action law suit being considered against you, since I am not the only one with a problem with you. I am on disability; my husband is a custodian. Do we sound like the type of people that can afford your scam? I think NOT!
PLEASE take care of this problem. The Better Business Bureau is also a great idea, for my next step. Please let me know that you have gotten this e-mail!
Nadine M., Xth St., Audubon, IA 50025.....x@metc.net, or 712)555-5555---actually I really don't want to hear from you on the phone.

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